Peace of mind for you and your players. With GamingSoft’s flagship payment processing solution, you ensure that you and your players can quickly send and receive payments when you need it, whenever you need it. Safe, secure, and easy to deploy.



Hassle-free Integration

Implement and deploy with minimal delay. Our robust payment API covers a wide range of use-cases, giving you less roadblocks and a smooth runway towards launch!

Fast Settlement

Improve your business cashflow. When you use GSPay, you avoid the stress of long processing times. When you need your money and we have it, you’ll get it.

World-Class Support

We’re always here for you. No matter the problem, big or small, our customer support staff is always standing by to help you come to a solution.

Secure Payments

Your security is our priority. Our battle-tested platform is protected by our iron-clad security protocols, and constantly being upgraded – pre-emptively protecting you from security risks before they occur.

User Risk Management

Protect your assets from internal risks. Our backend allows you to silo user access according to responsibility – giving your employees a smooth workflow while protecting sensitive information and funds.


Payment is a critical business process. Do it right. We can show you how.